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Happy Ramadan 2018 Kareem Greetings Messages | Ramadan Quotes

Happy Ramadan 2018 Kareem Greetings Messages | 

Ramadan Quotes

Happy Ramadan 2018 Kareem Greetings Messages | Ramadan Quotes: – “RAMADAN” is a very religious very religious festival of Muslims. The word Ramadan came from the Arabic root “Ramida or Ar – Ramad”, which means hot and dry,i.e, the high temperature.During Ramadan,everyone perform fast to get the blessings of the Allah. It is compulsory for everyone to follow it except those who are ill , pregnant, diabetic, breast feeding or have some performing fast, have a choice to whether perform it or not. While fasting from the sunrise to the sunset, Muslims cannot perform acts like having sex, smoking and drinking alcohol, use of offensive  words. Muslims must read the holy Quran during the month of Ramadan. Soon we will bring for you the latest RAMADAN 2018 QUOTES FROM QURAN IN ENGLISH.

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Ramadan 2018 Kareem Quotes

  1. Ramadan 2018 will start from Tuesday, 15th of May and it will be continue for 30 days till Thursday ,14th of June. this holy month of Ramadan is considered as 'Paak' by the Muslims.One should celebrate this festival with the purity of heart and mind. You should also perform charity for the people who needs to be helped. It is said that when the month of Ramadan arrives, the gates for Paak(good) people are opened in Paradise and all the devil like jinnad, rooh are sent to the hell because the gates of the Paradise are closed for them. Stay connected with us to get more of the Ramadan quotes. Here,read the amazing Ramadan 2018 Kareem quotes. You can also share this article of Ramadan. Happy Ramadan to all of you !!!
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Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English | Ramadan Quotes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English | 

Ramadan Quotes 

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English: – Hello guys!!!!! The holy month of Ramadan is approaching us,be prepared to celebrate it happily. During this month, you must stay away from the deeds like smoking and drinking,using bad language for others. Everyone must follow the rules and regulations of this holy month. This occasion gives a golden opportunity to purify your souls and get closer to the Allah. the people celebrating it greet each other by saying a particular well word “Ramadan Kareem”, we will introduce you the latest Happy 2018 Ramadan Quotes in English. As we have included all rules and precautions about Ramadan in our Last article.

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes

“May Allah will triumph all over darkness”
“May the spirit of Allah illuminate this world”
“Read Quran and Allah will fulfil all your requirements”
“Pray for other’s happiness Allah will forgive all your sins”

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 We know that you all may be searching for the Ramadan quotes,so we decided to give you an amazing list of such quotes. We hope you would have liked them. Please share them with your loved ones to make Ramadan 2018 a special one for them too. Also, leave your comments below as the feedback. Happy Ramadan to you and your family...!!!!
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HAPPY 2018 RAMADAN MUBARAK QUOTES I RAMADAN QUOTES: – On the occasion of Ramadan,welcome your friends, family members, relatives with some attractive quotes and inspire them to celebrate this festival more happily. You can check out here all the latest Happy Ramadan Kareem 2018 greeting messages and forward them. During the month of Ramadan,one has to fast for the entire month and spread love,peace and harmony. They sacrifice their food after the sunrise till the sunset. The Allah is worshiped regularly along with the reading of the Quran. These quotes will surely help you to occupy a special place in the hearts of your loved ones as these hold a beautiful meaning. For more information and Greetings on Ramadan you can check out our other articles.

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The Month of Ramadan will start from May 15th to June 14th 2018. Here, you can find interesting the Ramadan Mubarak Quotes which you can use as the sayings to greet others. Below are the quotes :-

The night power of Ramadan is the most holy and powerful night from whole year, pray to Allah that we all should receive happiness and kindness towards Islam.

The month of Ramadan gives us powers and chances to help and protect poor people, and this will give us a glorious reward on the day of judgment.

I wish to Allah to give you patience & strength during the month of Paak Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak.
Holy month of Ramadan Gives all of us the chance to feel the hunger and lets us understand the feeling of poor people when he or she is hungry.

It gives all of us a Pure Happiness, when we include ourselves and attend the holy Tora wih blessing at night. May the almighty Allah bless all pure people with their necessary needs.

As you spend the holy Ramadan Month by prying and fasting for Allah’s Happiness ………., may the almighty bless you with his powers.

Quran Reminds us we have to be pure constantly before the end of Ramadan, the almighty will prepare our minds and hearts that we should come and unite with Allah.
He (Allah) is the only key for success and kindness is the holy book of Quran. You can find the solutions to all your problems in the holy book of Quran.
So these are some latest 2018 Happy Ramadan Greeting Quotes with Meaningful Messages. You can easily memorize them to greet your close ones. Ramadan Quotes 2018 is the most important month of celebration for all Muslims all over the world and these messages, greeting will help you to celebrate Ramadan more happily. Happy Ramadan,stay blessed !!!!!!!
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Happy 2018 Ramadan Cards for Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram

Happy 2018 Ramadan Cards for Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram: – Hello guys !!! Today, our team is all prepared to present attractive Ramadan cards to be shared on social networks like Facebook,Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram and more.  You can gift these to your mother,father,sister,brother,girlfriend/boyfriend and other friends and relatives.Our visitors are special for us,and we are trying to make this Ramadan the best one for them.We know that it's quiet difficult to keep the fast from the sunrise to the sunset, so we hope to provide you some things which can make it easier for you to celebrate the festival. The Ramadan will begin from 15th May and will end on 14th June. This month is not only about keeping the fast,it's about devoting yourself for the Allah. Enjoy watching the beautiful and amazing cards..!!

Ramadan Mubarak to All Muslims brothers & sisters. Check more articles below:

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

Happy 2018 Ramadan Cards for Facebook

During the sacred month of Ramadan , we greet each other by saying “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Mubarak ho Mere Bhai". The actual meaning of “Ramadan Mubarak” is having A blessed month of Ramadan and getting the blessings by the almighty Allah.These sayings should not merely be said,these should be felt at heart. Start collecting the cards to be shared. Check them out!

Ramadan Kareem 2018 Quotes, Wishes & Pictures for all Ramadan Lovers:

Ramadan Cards for Whatsapp

Ramadan Cards for Couples

So these were some of latest and amazing Ramadan Cards.We really hope that you would have loved them. Stay connected with us to get more interesting things to see and share this Ramadan. Don’t forget to share this article. For latest Happy 2018 Ramadan Cards, good wishes, sms (short), messages (short) stay tuned to our website don’t miss single article of us. Happy Ramadan !!
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Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English | Ramadan Greetings

Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English | 

Ramadan Greetings

Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English: – You may have heard every Muslin saying some Arabic words while greeting each other. When most of the Muslims meet each other, they greet by saying “Assalamu Alaikum” and expect the other person to say “Alaikum Assalam”. This special way of greeting is considered to be the greeting of Ramadan Kareem. Give all your time in the worshiping of the Allah and try to get the showers of his blessings.The most important five pillars of Islam are - Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj; these need to be followed by a true Muslim. The fasting observance for entire month of Ramadan is rewarded as the good health of your body. Celebrate this Ramadan peacefully with your friends,relatives and lovers.

Ramadan Greetings Quotes In English

The Quran is the most important thing in the lives of all the Muslim people. It contains the sayings of Allah for his people. Reading the Quran enlightens one's life and shows him the right path to follow.It guides a person to live with respect, glory, peace and happiness. During Ramadan it a duty of every Muslim to read out Quran regularly. We have collected some amazing quotes from the Quran as well to make your Ramadan 2018 even more amazing. The Ramadan Greeting Quotes listed below:-

“Bismika allahumma amufu wa ahyaa”

“inna lillahiwa innailayi rajuin”

“As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu”

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

“Salahu Allehi wasalam”

“La il laha il Allah, Muhammad a rasool Allah.”

“As Salamu alaikum wa ramadhullai wa barakato”
So guys these are some of the Islamic quotes from the holy book of Quran ,hope you would have loved them and will surely share them. This was all about the today's article. Stay connected with us !!!
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Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes | Best Ramadan Wishes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes | Best 

Ramadan Wishes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes: – Ramadan month,which is one of the most holiest months celebrated all over the world. A true Muslim must be able to realize the importance of Ramadan and must celebrate it with zest and true feelings. The true meaning of ”Ramadan Mubarak”,which people used to wish Ramadan,is to congratulate each other on the holy occasion. We get the opportunity to thank the Allah for everything we are blessed with. Ramadan 2018 is about to start- off from the May of 15th to the June of 14, 2018 but in some of the countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Turkey , people celebrate Ramadan at different days and dates because Ramadan Dates depends upon the holy Islamic calendar and not on the English calendar. Nothing should be eaten or drunk during the duration of the fast,i.e, from the sunrise to the sunset.Check out the best Ramadan wishes to be sent to your loved ones here !!!

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Best 2018 Ramadan Wishes

Keeping fast during the month of Ramadan allows us to understand the situation of the poor and help them out in every possible way. Read the wishes for Ramadan below and make your friends and family happy by sending these to them. Below are the quotes :-

“May this holy Ramadan festival Gleam
And consort you peace, with joy and
Happiness, wishing you aroused Ramadan”

“As the holy moment of Ramadan is here
I request Allah to grant you happiness
And pour your house with Happiness
Ramadan Kareem Mubarak”

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

“May the lights of this occasion pour your heart with
Prosperity and joy, wishing you A happy Ramadan Kareem”
“Keep your heart clean and pure, then Allah will definitely
Defend you and protect you from bad things and sins”

These were some 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes. We hope you would have liked them. Share them with your friends too. And stay tuned for more of such interesting articles. Also,please leave your comments as the feedback for our blog. Stay blessed !!!
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Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes In Urdu | Best Quotes in Urdu

Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes In Urdu | Best Quotes in 


Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes In Urdu: – As the spiritual month of Ramadan is approaching close, the temperature is increasing day by day. At the same time, summer vacations are going on, so it is the best time to devote yourself to the Allah and get his blessings. The first meal is consumed before the sun rises and the 2nd meal after the sunset. The anti- social activities likes smoking, drinking, drugging, and physical activities must be stopped and the brotherhood, mankind and peace must be spread. Most of the Muslims prefer to speak in Urdu which is one of the most sweetest, decent and easy to speak in the world.

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes In Urdu

Most of your friends and family members may prefer to speak in Urdu language. We know you may be searching for some unique Ramadan quotes in Urdu to be sent to them and make them feel special.We are here to end your search for such quotes. So guys go and enjoy these quotes which are given below:-

“chaaand ki pehli Dastak pe
Chaaand Mubarak Kehtey h
Sabse pehle hum apko
Ramadan MUBARAK Kehtey HAi.”

“In this amazing and pure occasion of
Ramadan. I request and pray to Allah,
Should give you a bright and successful Future”

Raat Ko Naya Chaand Mubarak
Chaand Ko Chandni Mubarak
Falak Ko Sitaare Mubarak
Sitaaron Ko Bulandi Mubarak
Aur Apko Hmari Taraf Se

“This Blessing is to let you know
“That you are humble fully remembered
On this spiritual Festival
Of Ramadan

These were some amazing Ramadan Quotes In Urdu for you.Do follow us on twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Leave your valuable comments below. Stay connected to us for more information about Ramadan Quotes. Happy Ramadan to all of you !!!!
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