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Good Tariq Ramadan Quotes and wishes | Religious Sayings

Good Tariq Ramadan Quotes and wishes | Religious 


Good Tariq Ramadan Quotes and wishes :- We are providing you the latest Good Tariq Ramadan Quotes. We hope you will love them. Before you go on to read the Tariq Ramadan Quotes,we would like to tell you something about Ramadan? During Ramadan one has to perform fast during the whole month without leaving a single day keeping the fast and we have to fast from dawn to dust.One can take the first meal before the sun rises . According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is going to start from 17th of June and ending up on 17th of July 2015. Get prepared to enjoy the occasion and to get more closer to the Allah . 

Tariq Ramadan Quotes

The holy Quran must be read daily during the Ramadan month. Fix a number of chapters of Quran to be read each day so that by the time the month of Ramadan ends, you can complete the reading of Quran. Our elders have always taught us to be polite and helpful to others. If you do not listen to this advice of your parents, this is the golden opportunity to correct you mistakes and start following a polite nature towards others. We have collected for you the Tariq Ramadan Quotes which you can read below. We would want you to not only read them but also understand and apply the hidden message.

“As all hearts knows, love needs proof to be loved. Learning to love those we love better is a constant spiritual exercise.”

“The more we think about the end, the closer we get to the One who has no end.”

“Knowing that we don’t know much is a lot of knowledge.”

“When we lose the ends, we are obsessed with the means. Never confuse the means with the ends.”

“Muslim majority countries should seek to exist as independent societies that no longer serve cynical concealed objectives.”

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