Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 2015 Quotes, Wishes, Messages About Ramadan

Happy 2015 Quotes, Wishes, Messages About Ramadan

Happy 2015 Quotes, wishes, messages About Ramadan: – Being a true Muslim, we must know all about our religion and the holy Quran. As Ramadan is going to begin, you must be aware about how it is celebrated and why it is celebrated. All of us are blessed with the blessings of the Allah and we must try our best to follow his teachings. Fast is kept for the whole month  of Ramadan by checking the Islamic calendar (that calendar which is different from an ordinary calendar or English calendar). They eat before the sunrise by waking up early from the bed and then after the sunset only they are allowed to eat. You can know more about the preparations to be done for the Ramadan on our blog. We are always here to help you out. You may also read our recent article about Ramadan quotes from Quran in Urdu.

Ramadan Quotes, wishes, messages


The new generation is more interested in wishing each other, preaching a religion on the social networking sites. So, we hope we can help them getting the wishes and messages Never utter a single  bad word as it is counted as a sin,especially during the month of Ramadan. Make your and other's Ramadan a beautiful one. Just copy the quotes from here and send them. Just go through them:-

“Our emotions are much
Beautiful, but they can also be
Harmful. They represent our
Tendency, and seem to express to us
For our freedom”

“who ever fast in 
ramadan with man and seeking
reward (from allah ) his past sins will be 

“who so ever prays at night in
ramadan out of faith and in
hope of reward his past sins
will be forgiven”
Don’t do rest 
Do your best 
Allah will do the rest”

“don’t change yourself for Ramadan
but change yourself for your entire
life ! Insha Allah!!!!”

“When Ramadan starts, the 
Gates of heaven Are opened
And gates of heaven are closed
and devils are tied up”

So these were few latest quotes from our side which have been placed before you to read them, we hope that you have really enjoyed then and gained knowledge with a beautiful hidden message inside them. Do leave your valuable comments. Follow us on Facebook. With the blessings of Allah, lead a happy life..!!!!


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