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Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English | Ramadan Greetings

Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English | 

Ramadan Greetings

Happy 2018 Ramadan Greeting Quotes In English: – You may have heard every Muslin saying some Arabic words while greeting each other. When most of the Muslims meet each other, they greet by saying “Assalamu Alaikum” and expect the other person to say “Alaikum Assalam”. This special way of greeting is considered to be the greeting of Ramadan Kareem. Give all your time in the worshiping of the Allah and try to get the showers of his blessings.The most important five pillars of Islam are - Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj; these need to be followed by a true Muslim. The fasting observance for entire month of Ramadan is rewarded as the good health of your body. Celebrate this Ramadan peacefully with your friends,relatives and lovers.

Ramadan Greetings Quotes In English

The Quran is the most important thing in the lives of all the Muslim people. It contains the sayings of Allah for his people. Reading the Quran enlightens one's life and shows him the right path to follow.It guides a person to live with respect, glory, peace and happiness. During Ramadan it a duty of every Muslim to read out Quran regularly. We have collected some amazing quotes from the Quran as well to make your Ramadan 2018 even more amazing. The Ramadan Greeting Quotes listed below:-

“Bismika allahumma amufu wa ahyaa”

“inna lillahiwa innailayi rajuin”

“As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu”

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

“Salahu Allehi wasalam”

“La il laha il Allah, Muhammad a rasool Allah.”

“As Salamu alaikum wa ramadhullai wa barakato”
So guys these are some of the Islamic quotes from the holy book of Quran ,hope you would have loved them and will surely share them. This was all about the today's article. Stay connected with us !!!


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