Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English | Ramadan Quotes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English | 

Ramadan Quotes 

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes in English: – Hello guys!!!!! The holy month of Ramadan is approaching us,be prepared to celebrate it happily. During this month, you must stay away from the deeds like smoking and drinking,using bad language for others. Everyone must follow the rules and regulations of this holy month. This occasion gives a golden opportunity to purify your souls and get closer to the Allah. the people celebrating it greet each other by saying a particular well word “Ramadan Kareem”, we will introduce you the latest Happy 2018 Ramadan Quotes in English. As we have included all rules and precautions about Ramadan in our Last article.

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes

“May Allah will triumph all over darkness”
“May the spirit of Allah illuminate this world”
“Read Quran and Allah will fulfil all your requirements”
“Pray for other’s happiness Allah will forgive all your sins”

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 We know that you all may be searching for the Ramadan quotes,so we decided to give you an amazing list of such quotes. We hope you would have liked them. Please share them with your loved ones to make Ramadan 2018 a special one for them too. Also, leave your comments below as the feedback. Happy Ramadan to you and your family...!!!!


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