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Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes | Best Ramadan Wishes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes | Best 

Ramadan Wishes

Happy 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes, Wishes: – Ramadan month,which is one of the most holiest months celebrated all over the world. A true Muslim must be able to realize the importance of Ramadan and must celebrate it with zest and true feelings. The true meaning of ”Ramadan Mubarak”,which people used to wish Ramadan,is to congratulate each other on the holy occasion. We get the opportunity to thank the Allah for everything we are blessed with. Ramadan 2018 is about to start- off from the May of 15th to the June of 14, 2018 but in some of the countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Turkey , people celebrate Ramadan at different days and dates because Ramadan Dates depends upon the holy Islamic calendar and not on the English calendar. Nothing should be eaten or drunk during the duration of the fast,i.e, from the sunrise to the sunset.Check out the best Ramadan wishes to be sent to your loved ones here !!!

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Best 2018 Ramadan Wishes

Keeping fast during the month of Ramadan allows us to understand the situation of the poor and help them out in every possible way. Read the wishes for Ramadan below and make your friends and family happy by sending these to them. Below are the quotes :-

“May this holy Ramadan festival Gleam
And consort you peace, with joy and
Happiness, wishing you aroused Ramadan”

“As the holy moment of Ramadan is here
I request Allah to grant you happiness
And pour your house with Happiness
Ramadan Kareem Mubarak”

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

“May the lights of this occasion pour your heart with
Prosperity and joy, wishing you A happy Ramadan Kareem”
“Keep your heart clean and pure, then Allah will definitely
Defend you and protect you from bad things and sins”

These were some 2018 Ramadan Kareem Quotes. We hope you would have liked them. Share them with your friends too. And stay tuned for more of such interesting articles. Also,please leave your comments as the feedback for our blog. Stay blessed !!!


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