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HAPPY 2018 RAMADAN MUBARAK QUOTES I RAMADAN QUOTES: – On the occasion of Ramadan,welcome your friends, family members, relatives with some attractive quotes and inspire them to celebrate this festival more happily. You can check out here all the latest Happy Ramadan Kareem 2018 greeting messages and forward them. During the month of Ramadan,one has to fast for the entire month and spread love,peace and harmony. They sacrifice their food after the sunrise till the sunset. The Allah is worshiped regularly along with the reading of the Quran. These quotes will surely help you to occupy a special place in the hearts of your loved ones as these hold a beautiful meaning. For more information and Greetings on Ramadan you can check out our other articles.

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The Month of Ramadan will start from May 15th to June 14th 2018. Here, you can find interesting the Ramadan Mubarak Quotes which you can use as the sayings to greet others. Below are the quotes :-

The night power of Ramadan is the most holy and powerful night from whole year, pray to Allah that we all should receive happiness and kindness towards Islam.

The month of Ramadan gives us powers and chances to help and protect poor people, and this will give us a glorious reward on the day of judgment.

I wish to Allah to give you patience & strength during the month of Paak Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak.
Holy month of Ramadan Gives all of us the chance to feel the hunger and lets us understand the feeling of poor people when he or she is hungry.

It gives all of us a Pure Happiness, when we include ourselves and attend the holy Tora wih blessing at night. May the almighty Allah bless all pure people with their necessary needs.

As you spend the holy Ramadan Month by prying and fasting for Allah’s Happiness ………., may the almighty bless you with his powers.

Quran Reminds us we have to be pure constantly before the end of Ramadan, the almighty will prepare our minds and hearts that we should come and unite with Allah.
He (Allah) is the only key for success and kindness is the holy book of Quran. You can find the solutions to all your problems in the holy book of Quran.
So these are some latest 2018 Happy Ramadan Greeting Quotes with Meaningful Messages. You can easily memorize them to greet your close ones. Ramadan Quotes 2018 is the most important month of celebration for all Muslims all over the world and these messages, greeting will help you to celebrate Ramadan more happily. Happy Ramadan,stay blessed !!!!!!!


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