Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes From Quran in Urdu

Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes From Quran in Urdu

Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes From Quran in Urdu: – Hello guys!!! You all know that Ramadan is going to begin soon. Thousands of years ago, a man named Mohammad gave birth and preached a religion named Islam. He was born to spread peace and he taught people live in harmony. That was how the Islam religion began. The Quran teaches the people to live with pure feelings for others. It teaches to worship Allah and live under his blessings. Regular reading of Quran gets us closer to the Allah. Allah wants happiness for everyone and wants to guard us against the evil. This was all about the importance of Quran in a Muslim's life. We have collected latest 2015 Ramadan Quotes in Urdu in our previous article you may find it useful, just check out it after reading this article.

Ramadan 2015 Quotes in Urdu

You read the importance of the holy Quran above. To make your Ramadan 2015 more special, we have made a collection of Ramadan Quotes in Urdu which can be forwarded to your friends,relatives,elders,lovers. Below are the quotes :-

2015 Ramadan Quotes in Hindi

*agr apko shri krni k kuch der baad
Khatti dakarein aati ho
Ya sine mein jalan mehsoos hoti hon
Ya haazma khraab hota ho toh
ALLAh k wastey kam khaya karein
Sehri hoti h , valima ni*

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“Chaand c raat Mubarak ho
Is dua k sath k
Allah Taala
Apki zindagi ki
Gar khauhish
Har tamanna
Har Aarzu
Har hua Puri kare
So this was all latest collection from our side about Happy 2015 Ramadan Quotes From Quran which are handpicked by our team members. You may tell your friend about our website and spread these amazing quotes to you friend, loved ones, family members, and relatives. Please your comments too. Happy Ramadan !!!!!!!!!


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