Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 2015 Ramadan quotes Tumblr | Islamic sayings

Happy 2015 Ramadan quotes Tumblr | Islamic sayings

Happy 2015 Ramadan quotes Tumblr :- Only a few days are left for the beginning of the month of Ramadan, start preparing for it.Ramadan is celebrated very enthusiastically all over the world. The fast is kept for the whole day from the sunrise till the sunset.It brings us the peace of mind and the purity of heart.It also inspires people to promote peace and harmony in the society. The main purpose of keeping fast on the occasion of Ramadan is to feel the situation of the poor and to help in every way we can. To make this Ramadan a special for you and your friends, we have made an awesome collection of Ramadan quotes. Check them out :-

Ramadan Quotes Tumblr

The collection made by us is in easy to understand language which will fill the enthusiasm in the one who reads it. You simply have to copy them and send them to others and refresh their moods. Enjoy this Ramadan and devote yourself to the Allah. Below are the quotes :-

“You may be meeting and facing up people who are attractive in their looks and actions but they are not noble and good in their intentions.”
“Take most care of you because in any movement or moment, we can easily get lost and end up, not as activists but agitated”
“Mercy and Kindness always starts with you. The more you look at bad points yourself and see your weaknesses and bad points the less judgmental you become”
“Our spirituality and believe is to serve and support everyone around us in this world including aboriginal communities, seniors and the poor.”
“May Allah love and protect you, Ameen”
So these are the Ramadan Quotes Tumblr that you have just read above, we hope you would have liked our blog and articles so far. Stay connected for more of them. Have a beautiful Ramadan !!!


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