Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 2015 Ramadan SMS in English | Greeting And Wishes

Happy 2015 Ramadan SMS in English | Greeting And Wishes

Happy 2015 Ramadan SMS in English :- The Ramadan month always brings happiness, positive energy, peace and harmony. Hence, there has always been excitement in the people for this festival. Fasting actually keeps us healthy,fit and keeps our mind at peace,hence along with keeping us close to the Allah, it also gives us other benefits. Everyone wants to get the blessings of the Allah,but it's not that easy to get it. We must work hard for the entire month of Ramadan to get his blessings.  Namaz should be performed 3-4 times daily and the regular reading of Quran should be done.  It is believed that by doing charity  for the poor people gives us the inner peace as well as gets us the blessings of the Allah. Some new collection of Ramadan SMS in English has been prepared by our team. Have a look...

Ramadan SMS In English

Earlier,telegrams and letters were sent to wish people. But the time has now changed for good because now,you don't have to go to post office, you can just wish people sitting at home. You just have to log in to the social networking sites,copy the SMS from our blog and send them to your friends and relatives. Enjoy the messages :-
“Allah Dictated that ‘Every action of sincere son of Adam is for him or her except fasting, for that is solely for Allah. I will give the reward to all my sons for it. The fast is a shield for you and your family.”

“If one is performing fasting, he or she should not use bad and foul language, raises his voice against humanity, or behaves improperly and foolishly. If someone reviles him or fights and not obeying with him, he must say by feeling guilty, ‘I am fasting,’ twice My Lord.”

“With the One of those in whose hands are the soul and beauty of Muhammad, the [bad] breathing of those who are fasting, that is better in the view and sight of Allah on the Day of Judgment and Resurrection than the smell of devil.”

“All those humans who are fasting are happy at two times: when he or she breaks his or her  fast he or she is stays happy with it, and when he or she  meets the Lord he will be glad and happy that they have  fasted for mankind.”

“Feel the hunger of a poor then you will realize, do charity which will send you blessing of needy person, change the way of your thinking in a positive way “Allah will definitely Bless You”

So guys these are some Latest Ramadan Quran Sayings. Our professional experts are working hard to make unique quotes and sayings. Stay connected with us for the updates. Keep following us. Happy Ramadan !!!


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