Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy Ramadan 2015 in Pakistan | Greetings and wishes

Happy Ramadan 2015 in Pakistan | Greetings and wishes

Happy Ramadan 2015 in Pakistan :- Here,we will let you know about the festival of Ramadan in Pakistan. We hope that you will feel very glad and honored by reading our latest and recent data on Ramadan. It is interesting to note that Ramadan is the only Islamic festival that doesn’t follow the ordinary calendar dates,instead,it follows Islamic calendar. Ramadan inspires people to devote themselves to the Allah and to his greatest principles on the mankind and humanity.One the most important practice in the Ramadan performing charity for the people who are poorer than us and who can’t afford food and clothes. Allah said that if you will feel the hunger and difficulties of the poor then only you will come to know that what is the need and importance of humanity and mankind.

Happy Ramadan 2015 Quotes for Fb

The world is changing very fastly and along with it,the people have accepted new ways to celebrate their festivals and express their feelings on the occasion. Earlier the news about the events could be gained through newspapers, radios, pamphlets etc. , but now the modern generation uses Facebook, WhatsApp and various social media to celebrate, enjoy and spread the awareness about any particular event. We our trying our best to make this Ramadan a more social site oriented one, so that the young generation can know more about it.  We are more worried about the young generation who are new to Ramadan, it’s your duty to make them feel enthusiastic about Ramadan fasting. So below are the latest Ramadan 2015 Quotes and wishes which we promised to provide you.

“The body must pray, in order to preserve and keep the heart alive.”

“If you cry about yourself, if you are not happy with yourself, it means He is still close to you.”

“Spirituality is not to forget the world and become closer to Him. It is to be in and a part of this world and remember Him.

“The essence of rituals is reaching discipline – and a reconciliation between body and soul.”

“The quality of your relationship with me will be determined by the quality of your relationship with yourself.”

So these are latest happy Ramadan 2015 in Pakistan, we hope that you will feel loved by Allah by reading these quotes and wishes. Please share and forward these interesting quotes and wishes with your friends, sisters, brothers, cousins, relatives, family members and lovers too. 


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