Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Ramadan Fasting Quotes 2015 | Islamic Greeting

Happy Ramadan Fasting Quotes 2015 | Islamic Greeting

Happy Ramadan Fasting Quotes 2015 :- People following various religions observe fast,i.e, the tradition of performing fast is almost practiced in every religion. Many of the people may not be aware that fasting not only means to get a healthy lifestyle, it is about realizing the conditions of the poor who do not get enough food to consume. The whole month of Ramadan is observed as the pure month dedicated towards the worship of the Allah.One should leave the ill habits of smoking,drinking alcohol,using bad languages for others.Charity should be done. To make others happy,send them greetings and quotes and get their blessings too.

Islamic Greeting

No need to keep surfing the internet searching for the Islamic greetings to be sent to your friends and  relatives, as you have got to the right blog where you can find the latest greetings.
Some of them have been collected from the holy Quran. Check them !!!!!!!

“As the crescentic moon is spotted… And divine month of Ramadan begins… May Allah honor you with happiness and decent your home with grace, joy & peace!”

“Be able to control your tongue and decrease your gaze. Remember and learn the Prophet’s (pbuh) warning that lying, ill matured, and a lascivious gaze all violating the Ramadan fast!”

“Try to utter and recite some Holy Quran saying after every Prayer and worship. In fact if you read and obeyed 3-4 pages after every recitation you can easily finish and gain the entire Quran knowledge in Ramadan!”

“A Page from Quran every day keep the evil away!”

So these are most interesting and amazing quotes which you just read above,hope you would have liked this and do share with you friends and loved ones. For more amazing and interesting Fasting quotes, saying, greeting on Ramadan stay tuned to. Happy Ramadan..!!!


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