Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Ramadan Greeting Cards | Fb and Whatsapp

Happy Ramadan Greeting Cards | Fb and Whatsapp

Happy Ramadan Greeting Cards :- We present here some beautiful Ramadan greeting cards which you can share with you friends and family members.The month of Ramadan gives us an opportunity to get closer to the Allah and to gain his blessings. To get the maximum out of this opportunity, we must follow all the rules and regulations during the entire month of Ramadan.We have to perform the fast during the whole month of Ramadan ,according to Islamic calendar, from the dawn to the dusk. Be careful about your health too, as this month is very hot and dry. Try to make no mistakes and celebrate the occasion peacefully and happily. Check out the greetings, we hope you'll like them.

Ramadan Greetings for facebook

Today's generation rely upon the social media and believe in sharing their views or promoting something through it. So,to connect with them, social media is a great way. We have created a latest collection of Ramadan greetings cards, which you can post on Facebook or share them on any other social media. Bring the smiles on your loved ones by sending one or more of these greeting cards. Below are the greeting cards, we hope you will love them.

“It’s about time we stop trying to be accepted in the West, and start being a change through our Islamic values.”

“The first resistance is knowledge. The second is action. Make it your objective to gain knowledge everyday.”

“They have arrogance, you have justice
They are coward, you are determined
Their heart are stones
Your stones are the power of your heart

History will keep remembrance of your hand
As time will expose the murderers”

“Understand your principles and your society then contribute to it.”

So these are the Ramadan greeting cards 2015, we hope that you would have liked them and will share them with your friends and relatives on this wonderful occasion of Ramadan. Have a beautiful Ramadan. Please don’t forget to bookmark us and do leave your comments.Ramadan Mubarak to all of you.


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