Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Ramadan Is coming Quotes, Wishes | Mubarak Greeting

Happy Ramadan Is coming Quotes, Wishes | Mubarak Greeting
Happy Ramadan Is coming Quotes, Wishes :- 
Ramadan is one of the most important and highly celebrated festival of Muslims. It is like Muslims wait whole year to celebrate this festival. This year it is going to be more special for those who are celebrating it for the very first time. Ramadan will start on 17th June this year. But keep in mind that you can take your first meal before the sun rises and second meal after the sun sets. And don't forget you can not use foul or abusive language in this festival, as this will be disgraceful to Allah. Ramadan is soon arriving and we are happy as we can now celebrate this festival. So, here we have some latest Ramadan quotes.

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

Ramadan Is Coming Quotes

You all might have received quotes, wishes, sayings and poems about Ramadan in the month of June to July from your friends and relatives, then you all were just copying them and started forwarding them to your friends to show your awesomeness before them. But then it is very obvious that you might have asked them from where did they got these quotes from and they might have told you some sites. But don't worry now we will provide you with some of the best Ramadan quotes , that you can forward to your friends and relatives and show that even you have some new quotes to post on social media.So stay connected to get more quotes, and go check out the new quotes, and don't forget to share them with your friends.

“Let the Ramadan Come And it will
Take that anti-social element from
Earth, who are continuing their hell things”

“i request to the almighty Allah to
Allow the Holy Ramadan to Come at
Your home and give grace to you
Career and give your life ease and simplicity”

“I pray to god Allah that he soul give
Grace and peace to a true Muslims
For his good habit towards humanity”

“Ramadan special rules
Talk like an real man
Walk with and positive attitude
Worship Allah every day
Ramadan Mubarako”

“I pray to that spiritual personalty
Allah give the knowledge of Quran
To every young human and thank you for
Making Quran Ameen !!!”

So guys above you have read out some of our Ramadan Coming Quotes, we hope you would have liked us. so do copy and share these quotes with your loved ones and also on social media. And stay tuned for more quotes and wishes.


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