Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy Ramadan Quotes and Mubarak Wishes | Hadiths

Happy Ramadan Quotes and Mubarak Wishes | Hadiths

Happy Ramadan Quotes and Mubarak Wishes :-
.So, we are hoping that you people are liking our quotes and wallpapers. And we also know that you people are very excited for this festival. It will start on 17th of June and will end on 17th July. And these June-July months are quite hot and dry so it becomes really difficult to maintain those fast. But all the Muslims around the world are excited to do these Fasts and so we know you all could make it. All the people are eligible for these fasts excepts pregnant ladies, ill, and people traveling to other regions. But no worries, you can fast at other days of the year as well.And here we are with some other quotes and wallpapers.

Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Wishes

And we have some more quotes for you so that you could wish your friends and family with these quotes. And make promise to your elder and younger ones that you will not abuse anybody ever and you will recite Allah daily and read Quran quotes.

“Whoever trusts Russia (after the massacres in Chechen) or the US (and the ongoing massacres in Iraq) is a dangerous fool. Same dirty lies.”
ramadan quotes greetings
“Listen to lectures as you read books. Don’t clap – listen, ponder, smile and imagine. In the world of spirituality, beauty, arts and heart, silence is clapping.

“Saying the shahadah is when you are accepting Islam. Defining the Shari’ah is saying, ‘Everything which is good is mine.’”
ramadan quotes greetings
“Raised to receive the injunction of ritual prayer, the Prophet and his experience reveal what prayer must in essence be: a reminder of and an elevation toward the Most High, five times a day, in order to detach from oneself, from the world, and from illusions.”
ramadan quotes greetings
“One morning, something can change, something has changed. One second, far from humans, the Universe speaks to you from the heart of its evidences.”

So these are the Ramadan Quotes as we have promised to your above and earlier, we hope that you may like them a lot, and you will definitely share and forward these Ramadan quotes to your friends, relatives, brother, sisters, cousins and Lovers too.


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