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Happy Ramadan Special Quotes in Urdu and English | Greeting Cards

Happy Ramadan Special Quotes in Urdu and English | Greeting Cards 

Only for Ramadan Lovers:
Happy Ramadan Special Quotes in Urdu and English :-  The holy month of Ramadan is getting close and I know you people are really excited about this. Soon the weather will start showing his true colors and dry and humid climate will be a problem for those who will fast. And this way the fasting will become a lot more difficult. But don't forget to read Ramadan at least 2-3 times a day. Quran is all about life or how you will deal or you should deal with your life and what all challenges you will face and how to overcome them. And do wish your friends and relatives. So, here we are again here providing you with the best Ramadan quotes.

Ramadan Kareem 2015 Quotes, Wishes & Pictures for all Ramadan Lovers:

Ramadan special Quotes

Every one want to make Ramadan special and happiest moment of their year, we are here for you to help to make your Ramadan celebration special by our help you will learn and understand how to make Ramadan greeting, wishes cards with homemade things, we will provide you quotes, greeting, wishes and messages for your loved one and that too for free. But don't forget to bookmark our site and do copy or post and send them to your loved ones and post on the social sites.
“When we begin to understand and look around us, to observe the simple individuals and societies, and to study secrets and religions, we realize that our loneliness, and alone is shared. Our solitude is plural, and our singularity is the similarity between us.”

“Declare differences may create communal respect, but murky misunderstandings bring forth nothing but misjudgment and rejection.”

“The dignity and loftiness of humankind, huddle by knowledge, cannot be deficient of the humility of reason heedful of its own limits and thereby remarking the necessity of faith.”

“The natural world (universe) is pregnant with signs that re and recalls the presence of the founder and creator”
“The figment of imagination of recognition is more dangerous than the vacancy and absence of recognition.”
So these are the special quotes and wishes for you and loved one just grab these Ramadan Special Quotes from Here and please do share it on social media, so that you can easily wish everyone. 


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