Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Tariq Ramadan Quotes 2015 | Quran Wishes

Happy Tariq Ramadan Quotes 2015 | Quran Wishes

Happy Tariq Ramadan Quotes 2015:- What if one day you are asked "What is the purpose of your precious life on this beautiful earth?" Most of you may not be able to answer it. You may try your best to find the answer because till you do not find the answer, you will feel disturbed.And ultimately, you would lose the peace of your mind. Allah said that “ I made Jins and Men to worship me” and get their relevant answer from me. You can find the answer to this question by reading Quran. Tariq Ramadan is the special part of Ramadan which tells about the purpose of your lives. It tells the importance of mankind and charity. Allah is very merciful to those who know the importance of peace.We hope that this year,you will find the solutions to all your problems during the holy month of Ramadan 2015. We have collected some Tariq Ramadan quotes which you can check out.

Ramadan Quotes

When you go to the market, you know exactly what you have to buy and in what quantity. Similarly, when you are blessed with this beautiful life,know its purpose. So if you Are finding and browsing most meaningful tariq Ramadan Quotes for your own motivation you have been placed by internet to the correct place, as we are providing you most amazing Ramdan quotes for free which you later on forward to your friends through social media and do not forget to like our official facebook page Ramadan Quotes, and we have also included most of the data from holy quran in these quotes just give time to them and read them.

“Islam has no revenge and problem with women, but Muslims generation do clearly appear to have serious problems with women”

“I remember the day when my father first introduced me to the holy Quran, he said, “Don’t move and turn on to the next page until you have understand and meditated on the page you just read’.”

“The first principle and choice of Islam is permission to good things, not prohibition”

“If you want to be good Muslims, instead of diverting people from believing, you better become believers. Don’t be scared of other people who are not Muslim. Be scared, be afraid, be worried about our own lack of consistency and believe.”

“Cherish your tears and their reasons; they will be the light of your smile, your inner peace and reconciliation.”

So these are the Tariq Ramadan quotes, we hope you would have liked this and please share with all these quotes with your friends and alert them about our website and don’t forget to book mark us. Lots of interesting and amazing Ramadan Quotes are waiting For you just grab them by staying connected to us.


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