Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Islamic Quotes And wishes On Ramadan | Roza 


Islamic Quotes And wishes On Ramadan :-Hello Guys !!! We hope you have started preparing for the Ramadan 2015. It is going to start soon and we know lots of preparation is needed before it actually arrives.One has to keep fast from the sunrise to the sunset. It is quite difficult to find new quotes every year to be sent, But we understand your situation and so,we are here to solve it. We have made an awesome collection of some amazing Islamic quotes and wishes which you will definitely find quite attractive. Check them out !!!!!!

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

Islamic Quotes And wishes

From the month of June to July, the Ramadan month continues and we hope to make it the best one for you this time. See the quotes and wishes below, and share them with your friends too.

“oh my dearest believers, Fasting in Ramadan is ordered and prescribed before you, similarly as it was ordered to those before you follow Allah and you may Become the most Purest and righteous“

“A real human of Allah will never you foul language or bad words, but a foolish and looser will do that sin but Allah is kind and will forgive him”

“Oh my Almighty Allah, i will never Unfollow your sayings and orders, no matter to me that how many problem and difficulties you put against me!”

“o believer live and feel everyday like Ramadan”, so Allah can give you grace and hope every day”

“Ooo believer Allah is so kind and grace for you that you can’t imagine it, to feel Allah inside you Perform fast in Everyday of Ramadan”

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