Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quotes on Ramadan in Urdu, English, Arabic | Hadith Sayings

Quotes on Ramadan in Urdu, English, Arabic | Hadith 


Quotes on Ramadan in Urdu, English :-  Hello friends !!! We know you all are very excited for this Ramadan. The young generation must be waiting to celebrate their first Ramadan, it would be their first chance to perform fast during Ramadan . We wish them to have a safe and happy Ramadan.The government gives official holiday on the occasion of Ramadan. It is a holy festival for Islamic people. Allah should be worshiped with the pure heart and the principles given in the holy Quran should be followed by all the Muslims. It is believed that the Quran inspires people to preach mankind and not to bother much about wealth and luxury. During Ramadan one has to fast from the dawn to dusk, i.e, eat the meal before sunrise and second meal after sunset.

Quotes On Ramadan

We hope to end your search for the Ramadan quotes. We have collected some very unique quotes for Ramadan in Urdu, English, Arabic. We have also included latest Ramadan HD wallpaper and images so that you can make them you statuses, cover photos, profile pictures.We wish you a happy Ramadan. Copy these quotes and share them with your beloved ones. Enjoy our blog and do leave your comments as the feedback. Below are the quotes :-

“Listen to lectures as you read books and Quran. Don’t clap – listen, ponder, smile and imagine. In the world of spirituality, beauty, arts and heart, silence is the main clapping.”

“Saying the shahadah is when you are accepting Islam in your life. Defining the Shari’ah is saying, ‘Everything which is good for me and people is mine.’”

“One morning, something can changed, something has changed in your life. Far from humans, the Universe and world speaks to you from the heart of its evidences.”

“One does not always know how to express the sorrow of his soul. One does not always know how to give silence the joy of his heart.”
“The love of the Poor, it has two ways: to love the Poor and to be loved by the Poor.”

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