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Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Kareem Wishes | Greetings

 Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Kareem Wishes | Greetings

Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Kareem Wishes :- Here you will find the latest Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Kareem Wishes which will be pleasurable to read. Our team hopes to make Ramadan 2015 the happiest one for our visitors.You will come across some of  the interesting things which you can do this Ramadan and make it even more interesting. Our purpose is to encourage the young generation to value the festival and to celebrate it traditionally by keeping fast. As the months of June and July are very hot, the encouragement is necessary for the young. We fast on Ramadan to get the blessings from the almighty Allah.We have also mentioned the latest Happy Ramadan Quotes and Mubarak Wishes which you must check.

Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Images

As the Ramadan is approaching,there's a huge demand for the Ramadan presents for the wives and girlfriends.You need not to worry about the gift you will offer as we have prepared an amazing and interesting list of Ramadan Gift ideas for wives and girlfriends.Check out the different categories and we are sure we could help you. We request you not to break any rules followed during Ramadan as it is considered as a sin. You may also find an article about Ramadan Fasting Rules and Regulations,do follow them. Below are the Ramadan quotes that you were waiting for, just go through them once:-

“The very essence of our religion is that you will get a deeper faith if you are educated and get the right knowledge.”
ramadan gift ideas for gf and bf
“The first gift we can teach to our society is our self-education – when you are educated, you care about yourself and your neighbours.”

“How much time do you give to your heart? To your mind? To your neighbour? Ask yourself what you are giving.”
Things To Do In Ramadan
“The first step of spirituality is knowledge and information. How much time do you take to think who you are? And not who they want you to be?”

“We need more citizens that are committed and courageous.”
Ramadan Greeting Quotes
“The power of the persecutor is to divide the people who are resisting.”

“If you are with God and you respect nature. You cannot be low down with nature and pretend you are just with human beings.”
Ramadan Quotes in English
“Honour killing, forced marriages… This is not Islamic. We need to differentiate between culture and religion.”

“Your relationship with your respected mother will define if you go to Jannah or not. Your relationship with your wife will define where you go in Jannah.”

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