Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ramadan Greeting Quotes and Messages | Facebook cards

Ramadan Greeting Quotes and Messages | Facebook cards 

Ramadan Greeting Quotes and Messages :-  Hi guys! Today we will provide you Latest Ramadan greeting Quotes And SMS in today’s article. All young Muslims are excited for Holy Ramadan 2015 because this time it is their first turn or chance to perform fast in Ramadan 2015, our duty is to cheer them and courage them for this holy activity. But they some of our young brother doesn’t know the actual meaning of Ramadan and what is it importance. Ramadan means to fast during the whole month in fry hot climate when temperature shows it attitude and cruelty to us, then we start our fasting in the name and fame of almighty Allah to show our duties and responsibilities towards him and our family. Basically Ramadan is meant for the purpose of mankind, humanity and spread the beauty of religion Islam across the world, the main purpose of Ramadan towards people is feel and understand the hunger of poor when they can’t able to earn two-time of their food and basic needs, that’s why doing charity is must in Ramadan as it is ordered by Allah and we can't deny it. We have also mentioned Latest Ramadan HD wallpapers and Images you may check it out later on.

Ramadan Greeting Quotes

You are very close to Latest Ramadan Greeting Quotes And Messages, so guys you have just read about the Ramadan and its importance if short brief, so guys we have suddenly noticed the huge search On latest  2015 Ramadan Quotes and greetings, so have decided to provide you these latest Ramadan Quotes on the celebration of Ramadan, here we have collected the latest Ramadan Greeting Quotes and Messages for you so that you can save them and make your profile pictures, wallpapers of you desktop and facebook. You can also send these Latest collection of Ramadan Quotes to your brothers, sisters, cousins, relatives, family members and lovers too. In very short time you will get the Ramadan quotes before that just bookmark us so that you can find us easily whenever you want to. So below are the latest Ramadan Greeting Quotes and wishes, just read the Quotes.

“Palestinians are not those poor people who need our help, they are those oppressed and good people who need our support!”

“A mind that is opened on the present is one that understands the complexities of the past.”

“There is no democracy if there’s no economic stability, economic independence, and economic autonomy without Allah’s Direction. “

“I have learned that one should stay in “Peace!” to those who shout their hatred for one’s being and presence or at one’s passage.”

“Be careful with your words, because your words may create the difference between understanding and misinterpretation.”

So these are the Latest Ramadan Greeting Quotes And Message, we hope that you would have liked them. If you really liked them then you may share and forward these quotes to your friends of Facebook, WhatsApp, google+ and Tumblr, many options are also given at below you use those options for sharing, don’t forget to bookmark us and like us on facebook, please so comment in the comment box for our feedback.


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