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Ramadan Greetings And Quotes | Islamic Sayings

Ramadan Greetings And Quotes | Islamic Sayings

Ramadan Greetings And Quotes :- Very few days are left for the occasion of Ramadan to come and we know,you people are very excited to celebrate it with your family and friends. To make this celebration a more special one,we have collected some Ramadan greetings which you can share with others. Ramadan is the biggest and the most amazing festival in the Islamic religion that everyone loves to celebrate. The beauty of the festival can't be ignored . A true Muslim fast from the dawn to dusk during the entire month of Ramadan from June to July to get the blessings from the Allah as a reward of fasting. Also some charity must be done during this month so as to help the poor and make their Ramadan a good one. Please encourage and cheer your young ones too. We have also mentioned Latest Happy Quotes about Ramadan fasting, please check them out.

Latest 2015 Ramadan Greetings

Here, we present you the latest Ramadan Quotes in English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic etc. so that you guys can wish your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and relatives a Happy Ramadan. You will get the most interesting Ramadan greetings here which you would love to share with others. each quote contains a beautiful message, try to understand that message. Below are the quotes:-

“Every woman and every man who does not take a position vis-à-vis the oppressors reveals indeed a selective humanism and an ambiguous ideology. So it is with Israel and Palestine.

“In sha Allah, God willing, must be the expression of humility of the active actors and it must never be the justification of the passive observers”

“The dignity of humankind, conferred by knowledge, cannot be devoid of the humility of reason aware of its own limits and thereby recognizing the necessity of faith.”

“The universe is pregnant with signs that recall the presence of the Creator.”

“It is not to love death, but to value life in the right way”

So these are the latest happy Ramadan Greetings And Quotes for you. We hope you would have liked them heartily and you will definitely forward and share them with your friends and relative through various social media. Do not forget to Bookmark us.


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