Friday, June 12, 2015

Ramadan Kareem Wishes And Greetings | Allah Sayings

Ramadan Kareem Wishes And Greetings | Allah Sayings 

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Ramadan Kareem Wishes And Greetings :-  Hello everyone. We are here again to provide you all with the Ramadan quotes and wishes. We know you people are very eager to celebrate this festival. And Happy Ramadan to all of you. But before providing you with the best quotes, wishes let's discuss something about this holy festival. As we all know that in Ramadan we fast whole day. You can east before the sun rise and you can take your second meal after the sun sets. But remember that you can not rather you should not speak any foul language after the Ramadan starts. We hope that Allah gives you long life, always protect you and fulfill each and every wish of yours.

What have you missed till from Ramadan:

Ramadan Kareem Greetings And Quotes

Many Muslims people know how important the holy book Quran id for them, Quran Keeps the secrets and facts of a human’s life in it, it is Quietly believed that If a person reads Holy Quran, that person needs nothing in his life other than the blessings of almighty Allah. No luxury, no money, no precious elements, and his all life we be finished in the worshiping and reciting of Allah. So regular reading and understanding of Quran lessons is must in the month of Ramadan, it will help you to purify your mind and heart. So guys you can stop your search now and find the latest Ramadan quotes on our site. All you need to do is just copy and forward them.

Only for Ramadan Lovers:

“Master yourself at every way and direction of your life in order to free yourself”
“They’re proud of their origins, they stand for the dignity of their values, for the visibility of their commitment, with a critical loyalty.”

“Do not put and utter the word “Islam” everywhere, but know and understand that ethics is everywhere, and when we find ethics, we find Islam and Allah”

“Muslims today are doing what The Prophet ﷺ never did: assigning Heaven or Hell. Judgement is for God alone.”
“In Islamic terms, time is life, time isn’t money. Life is worth more than money.”
So guys these are the Latest Ramadan Kareem wishes and Greeting in we hope you would have liked them and you will send our handmade quotes and wishes to your friends, relatives, sisters, brothers and loved ones through various social media . 


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