Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ramadan Quotes from quran in urdu | Islamic Greetings

Ramadan Quotes from quran in urdu | Islamic Greetings 

Ramadan Quotes from quran in urdu :- We know you all must have start the preparations for the celebrations of the Ramadan.In Islam,Ramadan is a holy month of fasting,introspection and prayer. We would suggest you to make a schedule of what to it and when to eat. Take your first meal before the sunrise and the second meal should be consumed by after the sun sets fully in the sky. Try to follow every rule and regulation of the fasting during the Ramadan. Quran the holiest book in Muslim religion. It should be regularly read, at least 2-3 chapters daily. The holy Quran contains answers to every question in the world. Reading it makes the person free from all the sins. We have mentioned some Ramadan Wishes and Greetings in our last article, you may read it later.

Ramadan Quotes from Quran

After reading the holy Quran, one quits the greed for glory, money and luxury. All he wants is peace of mind and purity of heart.We have collected an amazing data of Ramadan Quotes from Quran as well. Just copy them and send them to your loved ones and make them feel special. Below are the quotes :-

““Solidarity and brave is standing up for what is just to do for our brothers and sisters in name of humanity””

“Compassion and impression always starts with you. The more you took and look at yourself and see your bad points and weaknesses the less judgmental you become”

“We have a problem of our confidence – we’re too concerned and worried with how we are treated and not how we are to others”

“Our duty and spirituality is to serve and support everyone around us including extraordinary and aboriginal communities, seniors and the poor.”

“How many poor people have seen you and loved you? If you don’t know, reflect on the question”

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