Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ramadan Special Quotes and Wishes | Fasting rules

Ramadan Special Quotes and Wishes | Fasting rules

Ramadan Special Quotes and Wishes :- Hello everyone. So we are here again with some awesome quotes and wishes which you can forward to your loved ones and treat them and make them feel good.Ramadan is basically celebrate so that we can pray Almighty to bless us and fulfill all our dreams. We also wish that the dreams of our loved ones also get fulfilled. but fasting in these months is quite difficult because of the hot and dry season. But don't forget to read our quotes.

Ramadan Special Quotes

Now you don't have to go anywhere for quotes, you can easily find it here. We have selected some very good quotes for you.We have also included some quotes from Quran, so that you people can find all the required quotes here. And please its a request, please don't use abusive language in this month because this a holy month and the purity should be maintained .  Below are the quotes:-
Need more citizens that are committed and courageous.”
“The power of the persecutor is to divide the people who are resisting.”
“If you are with God and you respect nature. You cannot be low down with nature and pretend you are just with human beings.”

“Honour killing, forced marriages… This is not Islamic. We need to differentiate between culture and religion.”
“Your relationship with your respected mother will define if you go to Jannah or not. Your relationship with your wife will define where you go in Jannah.”
So these are the Ramadan Special Quotes and wishes for you we hope you would have liked them and you will definitely share and forward it you friend and family.


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