Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ramadan Wishes and Greeting Cards | Whatsapp and Facebook

Ramadan Wishes and Greeting Cards | whatsapp And 


Ramadan Wishes and Greeting Cards :- Especially for our visitors,we have a collection of Ramadan 2015 wishes and greeting cards. We will also tell about how to make Ramadan Greetings cards? But before that we would like to tell some important points about Ramadan. Ramadan is the holy festival which comes in the month of June and end by the month of July and in between that month we fast to show our affection for the almighty Allah. Aloha does not desire any hardship for anyone,Allah always want happiness for every person in the world. . Ramadan 2015 will begin from 17th of June to 17th of July. Promise yourself to complete your fasts and take the advantage of this opportunity to serve the Allah. We have mentioned some latest Ramadan Special Quotes and wishes for you, you may check them out.

Ramadan Wishes and Greeting cards

Earlier,people used to give handmade cards to their elders,friends,cousins etc. But this is the modern generation of  21st century who prefer to send E-greeting cards as they are technology lovers. We have made some Ramadan greeting cards for you. You do not need to bother about anything, simply save the images from here and copy all the latest and unique Ramadan quotes. You can instantly send and share these images and quotes with your loved ones by using social media. Also , let your relatives and friends know about our blog, so that they can get the advantages too. Below are the quotes:-

“The very essence of our religion is that you will get a deeper faith if you are educated and get the right knowledge.”

“The first gift we can teach to our society is our self-education – when you are educated, you care about yourself and your neighbours.”

“How much time do you give to your heart? To your mind? To your neighbour? Ask yourself what you are giving.”

“The first step of spirituality is knowledge and information. How much time do you take to think who you are? And not who they want you to be?”

So these are latest Ramadan wishes and greeting cards for you, we hope that you would have liked them humbly and we believe that you will share and forward these Ramadan Quotes to your friends, relatives, family members and loved ones on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Google+. Please don’t forget to bookmark us and you can also like us on Facebook. We wish you and your family a very Happy Ramadan.


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