Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Religious Ramadan Quotes, Messages, Blessings | Fasting Rules

Religious Ramadan Quotes, Messages, Blessings | Fasting Rules
Religious Ramadan Quotes, Messages, Blessings:- 
Hello everyone, we are again here to give you some insight . Ramadan is a festival where people fast from dawn to dusk so that they can pay their tribute to Allah and make their way to heaven. The whole day they neither eat anything or drink anything. They recite Quran and specially Muslim read atleast one chapter and all the members of the family fast except the pregnant, old and very young people. Allah in this month gives us a lot of blessings and we are also very grateful for what he has done for us and how he protects us. So, here we are with more quotes on Ramadan and with the help of it you can also know how to fast, and yes vow us that you all will fast.

Ramadan Quotes and Messages

So we are here with all the Ramadan quotes, so that you can send it your friends and relatives and wish them on this auspicious festival. You just need to copy these quotes and that too for free, and send them to everyone. This ia a holy festival and we are glad that we are able to help you. So just check out the list.
““There is no faith without humility””

“Spirituality means to give meaning to life”

“If you want to change the world, know the world”

“We need to distinguish and differentiate between a religion of only rules, and one which connects spirituality with rules”

“God responds to whoever comes to his Word”

So these are the latest Happy 2015 Ramadan religious Quotes and wishes for you and we hope that you would like these quotes and you will definitely share these quotes and message on Ramadan with your friends and also on social media.


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