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Things To Do In Ramadan | Fasting Rules And Wishes

Things To Do In Ramadan | Fasting Rules And Wishes

Things To Do In Ramadan- You can look here for the things to do in Ramadan along with the fasting. The most common thing we know to do in Ramadan is performing fast during the whole Ramadan month and reciting Quran regularly.But then the question arises, what else one can do in the Ramadan month? There are a lot of things which can be done in Ramadan to serve The Allah in a better way. We will recommend you to prepare a list of the things to do in Ramadan. You may make a time table for Ramadan timings and eatables , for example what time you should be on bed, what time you have to wake up early in the morning etc. Make a time table of the daily tasks to be done, so that you can celebrate the occasion more devotionally . We have also provided some Latest Ramadan Cards which you may check once.

What To Do In Ramadan?

You all may be worried about what to do in Ramadan but relax, you need not to worry guys because we are here and below is the list of things to do in Ramadan.
  1. Read Quran - Regular reading of Quran will make an excellent effect on you.It is the most wonderful and peaceful form of worshiping the Allah. Take the pledge that when Ramadan starts, you will read a specified number of chapters or lessons daily (approx. 10 chapters/day) which will help you to finish entire Quran within the holy month of Ramadan. And you will  surely be rewarded by Allah.

  2. Take the VACATIONs or holidays for Allah- Allah never desires any hardship for anyone. He wants everyone's life to be peaceful, happy and comfortable. So it becomes our duty to give our time to Allah and Islam. Take out some time to spend it with the Allah.
  1. Do Charity For The Poor - Serve the poor to the maximum extent as per your abilities. God has given us so many facilities and it would be great if we can share some of them with the poor to make them feel blessed.
  2. Increase Your Remembrance For Allah - Some common things you can say are:
    SubhanAllah or SubhanAllahwabihamdihi (“I praise Allah (or All praise if to Allah) above all attributes that do not suit His Majesty.”)
It is recorded that the reward for saying this is that a tree will be planted for you in Paradise. It is believed that whoever says this 100 times a day, his/her sins will be forgiven even if they were as much as the foam of the sea [Bukhari].
  1. Visiting Sick Muslim Brothers
“There is no Muslim who visits a sick Muslim early in the morning but 70 thousand angles send blessings upon him until evening comes, and if he visits him in the evening, 70 thousand angles send blessings upon him until morning comes, and he will have a garden in paradise.”

These were some of the Things To do in Ramadan month. We hope that you will follow them during the Ramadan fasting. Share our article on social media and don’t forget to bookmark us. You can also like our Facebook page. Happy Ramadan to all.


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