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What To Do In Ramadan | Preparation and Rules

What To Do In Ramadan | Preparation and Rules

What To Do In Ramadan :- Every festival needs some preparation so that it can be enjoyed to the full extent at the moment.Some rules and regulations need to be followed strictly during the month of Ramadan. The first and most important thing is to complete the fast in every possible way, It shouldn't be left incomplete, the completion of your fast is necessary and compulsory because a true Muslim own his words. Keep your alarms close to you as you have to wake up before the sun rises and keep the margin of time to take the meal. Take your second meal just at the time when the sun rises fully. But once you have taken your meal, then not even a single piece of food, a drop of water, not even saliva should be taken inside the mouth. 

The Things To Do In Ramadan

Note down the list of things to be done in Ramadan. By the time of June comes, government gives the official holidays to enjoy vacations or to take rest in your vacation but most of the Ramadan participants are confused about what they may do in Ramadan. So,here's is a list of things to do in Ramadan:-
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  1. Make a habit of waking up early in the morning, as we all know we have to fast from dawn to dusk, so get your alarms ready to ring on your desire timings.
  2. Get ready as soon as possible and take you fruitful meal before the sun rises and thanks Allah for providing your daily meal.
  3. Take a vow to read holy Quran daily, and promise to yourself to read at least two to three lessons and chapters daily and apply that knowledge in your daily life.
  4. Then fix a proper and punctual time to do prayer and worshiping for Allah, recite and learn Allah from your heart and buy a new prayer rug for you daily namaz.
  5. Do a little charity like donating clothes and providing food for poor people, because Allah will bless you for doing that and he will desire ease for your future life.
So these are the list of things to do in Ramadan at free time, we hope that you would have liked our list and you will definitely apply these steps on the days of Ramadan. You may share this list with your friends, relatives, brothers, sisters, family members, cousins and lover too. Happy Ramadan Mubarak to all of you.


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